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Raku fired pieces which allow the flame and fortune to leave their marks on the surface. Sculptural high fired stoneware for house and garden. High fired stoneware for every day use, plates, bowls, mugs, cups and serving dishes etc.

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Stunning unique ceramics made with love and care 

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My work mainly consists of Raku, Pit and smoked fired pottery. I like the happenchance that these firing techniques offer and the fact that often the final piece has the touch of chance upon it’s surface. 

Thrown and hand built Raku fired ceramic objects made in white stoneware or porcelain. Some vessels are burnished before bisque firing. These are then either glazed with Raku crackle glazes of various colours or the burnished surface is sealed and polished.

You may have seen me cast on “The Great Pottery Throw Down 2021” on channel 4, where I had an amazing opportunity to compete against other fantastic potters!

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