About my


I have loved pottery for 20 years and above all I love the technique of Raku. This is what I consider my primary focus and first love. The unpredictable nature of this technique fascinates me and digging the pots out from the sawdust is like unwrapping Christmas presents all year round.

I engage in and experiment with all areas of Raku and ‘alternative firing techniques’. Pit firing, Copper Matt, Slip Resist, their common denominator being the handing over control to fate and flame. 

I often burnish the surface of my pots when leather-hard, using small polished pebbles often collected from local beaches. This produces a surface that is so touchable and smooth. I often think as I watch someone pick one up and sub consciously carry it with them around the gallery  whilst looking at other things, that it’s tactility is it’s most important feature. They find it hard to put down and seem to have a genuine sense of loss when they do.

I predominantly throw my pots but I must admit that lately I have come to appreciate hand building and the texture of the coarser clay often used in this method. I am looking forward to exploring this more.

Although I make mostly Raku fired vessels, I also make utility ware , mugs, bowls and the odd tea pot. I like the thought of people using these items every day and appreciating the hands and the skill used to make these things that hopefully enrich their everyday lives. 

When I do make these things I often play with layering glazes, never making what people would consider a ‘set’ but more what I describe as a “mix matched gathering”.

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