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On this course multiple techniques of Raku firing are demonstrated, these include slip resist and naked Raku, obvara, glazing with lustre's and without and horsehair and feather. You will also do a pit firing on one of the days.

Students are required to bring 20 small pre bisque fired items, 10 of which must be burnished. 1 larger item is allowed but can be no bigger than a 1 litre milk carton, this is due to space in the kiln. They must all be made from white Raku specific clay. I would highly recommend the clay available from POTCLAYS. 

We meet on day 1 at the studio at 9.45am for a weekend filled with laughter and creativity. There is an area where you can purchase food and refreshments at Roskilly's if required. 

2 Day Raku Course August 3rd & 4th 2024

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